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Bidet-superstore photo contest

Photo contest in 7 categories: hygiene, health, comfort, confidence, ecology, economy. Anything bidet toilet seats related.

Kids, pros, everyone who loves to take pictures. We only accept photos that you have taken.

Selected or awarded photos will be published as a banner on our website. We may also use them as promotional material and will be seen in The US ,46 EU countries and the res of the world. Your name or pseudonym and your country will be written under the photos. Other photos will be posted in the news section on our website. We reserve the right to publish the sent photos on our website. Winners will recieve gifts such as Hand bidets, non-electric bidets, depending on the quality of the picture and where you rank.

Every Month (Send your photos on the first week at every months, on the 7th we delcare the winners)

Winners are those whose photos will be used.


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